San Remo house by Ecoliv

ECOLIV buildings, designed by Beaumont Concepts, are modular prefabricated homes constructed in the company’s sustainable factory in Wonthaggi, Victoria. Ecoliv has a range of standard module configurations or custom designs, available Australia-wide, to suit various site and living requirements. Standard inclusions in the seven-star-rated design is a 10,000-litre rainwater tank, 1.72kW solar power unit, solar hot water, energy-efficient lighting, electricity usage meter, water-saving plumbing, double-glazed windows, sustainably sourced timbers, cladding and joinery finished with Australian-made VOC-free Ecolour paint. Ecoliv isn’t just prefabricated, it is totally focused on sustainable prefabricated homes from conception to construction. With lightweight construction and a small environmental footprint, each home is delivered on site within 14 weeks.


Source: By Marg Hearn and Jessica Milsome From Home Design Magazine, Volume 16 Number 3