Hong Kong garden pavilion e.pod by Ecoshelta

ECOSHELTA is made from marine-grade structural aluminium alloy framing that is stronger but lighter than steel. Designed by architect Stephen Sainsbury and manufactured by Wonders Building Company Pty Ltd, Ecoshelta has been used for backyard studios, holiday or residential homes, emergency relief housing, remote-area research stations, walking lodges, ecotourism resorts, ultra-remote housing, and cliff-face construction during the past 20 years. Sustainable design measures include an EcoCost environmental impact evaluation system analysis; a high level of wool insulation for all floors, walls and ceiling panels; plantation timber, recycled PET composite timber substitutes or ECOply and passive solar and natural ventilation design. Ecoshelta is fully modular, extremely strong and robust.


Source: By Marg Hearn and Jessica Milsome From Home Design Magazine, Volume 16 Number 3